Synonyms and related words:
adhesive, affixation, anchor, annexation, attachment, band, bandage, bar, barrette, bellyband, belt, bind, binding, binding stone, binding twine, bobby pin, bollard, bolt, bond, bonder, bondstone, box hook, brace, braces, brad, braid, buckle, button, cable, carpet tack, catch, chain, cinch, cincture, clamp, clasp, clasping, cleat, click, clinch, clip, clothespin, corking pin, cotter, dowel, fastening, fibula, fillet, fishhook, funiculus, garter, girding, girdle, girth, grab, grapnel, grappler, grappling iron, guy, hairpin, hank, hasp, hawser, haywire, hitch, hitching post, holdfast, hook, hook and eye, hooking, inkle, interlocker, kevel, kingpin, knot, lace, lacing, lariat, lashing, latch, latchet, leader, ligament, ligation, line, lock, loop, moorings, nail, noose, nut, padlock, paper clip, pawl, peg, pin, pintle, ring, rivet, roller, rope, safety pin, screw, seal, sennit, setscrew, skewer, slide fastener, snap, snubbing post, spike, splice, staple, sticking, strap, string, strop, stub tenon, suspenders, tack, tag, tendon, terret, thole, tholepin, thong, thumbtack, tie, tie beam, tieing, toggle, treenail, tug, twine, vise, whang, wire, zipper, zipping

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.

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